Sumocrats is a brutal and fast paced zero G sport game.


In a distant future, giant corporations fight for supremacy through tournament followed by millions of people. Players compete across the universe in abandonned places converted into improvised sport fields.


Zero G. Sumocrats is a zero G sports game following the line of "Descent". There is neither up and down, nor left and right. you manoeuvring in 6 degrees of freedom.

Advanced coop gameplay. Sumocrats is a fast paced multiplayer sport game. Make perfect passes, strikes and blocks, to master your environment.

Space melee. Players unleash everything they have to pummel each other into submission to score : you can dodge, punch and blitz. You might encounter some brawl when scoring.

Custom. Sumocrats has a rewarding system offering the player a way to custom his sumo by collecting rare emotes and armor parts.

About ArkRep

The Architects Republic [ArkRep] is a bunch of architects and programmers based in Versailles. Currently working on their first game : Sumocrats.


  • Developers: ArkRep
  • Producers: Fabien DUCHENE [Creative director]
  • Designers: Cesar TRUBLARD [Level Design, Props, Texture FX ], Guillaume CHARPENTIER [Level Design, additional blueprints ], Laurianne MARTINI [3D artist, Animator]
  • Programmers: Maxime Griot [Network programmer], Yael BEAUFORT [gameplay programmer], Guillaume NOISETTE [gameplay programmer]
  • Artists: Olivier MARANGONE [charac design], Sylvain SARRAILH [concept arts]
  • Composers: Stephane ROULLIERE [Sound design, music]