About gameplay

Hey guys ! We recieved a lot of emails from people asking us about the core gameplay of Sumocrats.

  • How long is an average match in Sumocrats ?
  • Is it fast ?
  • Is it violent ?
  • Can i dash ? Can i dodge ?
  • Is it hard to play ? Anyway please keep the controls simple !

To answer, we decided to shot a video few days ago, a full match, 2Vs2 in our test arena. Remember, this is really a pre alpha version of the game, coop gameplay is not integrated yet, HUD is minimal, animations and character design need some polish, level designing still at rough stage. But we hope it will help you to figure out what is Sumocrats and what we are trying to make with this game.

Next steps will be the coop gameplay upgrades and arenas level design. Know that we can now pass the ball to another player and use some ultra massive object in the arenas to bend the ball trajectory ( this is pretty cool BTW ! ).

We wanted to thank you all for your precious feedbacks and your kind words.

TAR team.




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